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Hi There! Behind the mask of Sierra Lifestyle, my name is Connor Clayton. I'm a huge skier who was once trying to make a career out of his passion. After being plagued with some major injuries, my goals ultimately had to change, but my passion for the mountains and outdoors hasn't faltered.

Welcome to my outdoor adventure and lifestyle blog! Currently, I am a Marketing Manager within the ski industry based in Seattle, Washington. I have a huge knack for all things outdoor adventure, sports, fitness, and health, and I enjoy writing it all down throughout this site. Whether you're looking for an idea for your next adventure, or some advice on how to recover from an injury, I hope you enjoy my blog and find some useful information. 

I love hearing from my readers - if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out. 



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Why Work With Me? 

I am a Digital Marketing Specialist with a knack for helping small businesses grow through Social Media

In a world where people spend upwards of 5 hours on their phones per day, it is essential to have a strong presence on the web, whether you're a big business or small.

Taking the time to formulate and execute a consistent digital marketing plan can be time-consuming and daunting, but without it, you're missing out on a huge way to access new customers, and retain the current ones. 


If you want a hand in creating a marketing plan and reaching new clientele, don't hesitate to get in contact with me today.


I am not a self-proclaimed 'agency' that you see on Facebook Advertisements, I am a Marketing Manager with a 9-5 job that enjoys helping small businesses grow during my free time.   


You want more Instagram Followers. Let's be honest, who doesn't? My Instagram Growth tactics will help your business to grow brand awareness, relationships, and overall traffic. 


Keeping It Simple: 

I'll dive into the analytics behind your Instagram account. Where your followers come from, why they follow you, what demographics they behold, and more. Using all of this data I can systematically come up with a plan to grow your account. We'll look at the type o f content you are posting, the types of filters you are using, the overall look of your page, how often you're posting, and more. I'll give you solid feedback and direction on tactics you can change and acquire to grow your page and reach new customers. 


Experience Organic Growth

Don't have the time to post on Social Media every day? My Social Media Management Services help your business to grow brand awareness, relationships, and overall traffic. 

Build Your Followers: 

By consistently scheduling and posting content that provides value to your followers, I can help you to greatly increase the number of people following your business on social media. These followers will match the demographics, behaviors, and interests of your businesses' typical customers. 

Build Engagement: 

When you frequently engage with your audience via social channels you are creating rapport. In turn, that audience will be more likely to buy from you. l  will help you to increase likes, comments, shares, and boost your overall engagement. 


Experience Explosive Growth




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The world of social media advertising has completely unlocked a new, affordable way, to reach a mass amount of potential customers. Through the utilization of our Social Media Advertising services, I can greatly help you drive traffic to your business by focusing on three key areas. 


Target the right demographic 

Through Social Media Marketing, I can target specific demographics, interests, behaviors, and more. It is the most accurate way to market your business in the present day. 

Target the right location

Outside of demographics, I can also target specific locations. This means we can target a state, city, or even a town. If you have a business in North Lake Tahoe, we can specifically target customers residing in the North Lake area. 

Fast results at the right price 

Social Media Advertising would greatly expedite the results you want to see for your business. I will help you to reach customers instantly, and in turn, generate more followers, more engagement, and more traffic. You have the potential to reach up to 1,000 potential customers for as little as $10 dollars. It is that easy. 

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