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4 Amazing Things To Do In Page Arizona

From Antelope Canyon, to Horseshoe Bend, to Lake Powell, Page Arizona is an amazing little corner of the Southwestern United States.

Lake Powell
The Unique Shape of Lake Powell

Page is a city within Coconino County, Arizona, and with a population of just under 7500 people, it is a hidden gem. Located on the southern edge of the Great Basin Desert on the Colorado Plateau, the landscape is filled with multi-colored rocks and bluffs that make you stare in awe.

Of course, a location as dry and arid as Page, Arizona may not be first on your list as an ideal spot for a vacation, but we were pleasantly surprised by the beauty of this place. There are a few key attractions that you must see and do when you take a visit.

Antelope Canyon

a girl in antelope canyon
Staring in awe at the rock formations in Antelope Canyon

You might have seen, or heard about this magical place on Instagram. It's a dream location for anyone who has a knack for photography. Small caverns, red sandstone, and unique lighting present opportunities to take some mind-blowing snapshots.

Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon that was formed over the course of a few hundred years while water ran through the sandstone. Flash Flooding during the monsoon seasons ran through the canyon and eroded the sandstone rock, creating unique pathways and deepening corridors that you can walk through today. While flooding can still occur throughout the canyon, it is much rarer today. Although it is still a good idea to always be checking the weather before heading into Antelope Canyon.

Outline of a bear in antelope canyon
Can you see the outline of the Bear?

The canyon is accessible from ground level - no hiking required, but the canyon walls span upwards of 120 feet, towering above you as you stroll through the narrow sandstone. In total, the canyon has a length of about 660 feet, so it is a relatively short walk, but a magnificent one at that.

The canyon is located on Navajo land and is only accessible with guided tours. This is primarily to avoid vandalism and to regulate the amount of people in the narrow canyons at one time. You can book a tour on, but will want to do so well in advance of your arrival as the tours fill up very quickly. Tickets usually range from 50-70 bucks, but the views and experience you will get really is priceless.

Horseshoe Bend

horseshoe bend
The viewpoint of horseshoe bend

Horseshoe Bend is an amazing 'bend' in the landscape, as the Colorado River winds around the land in a 270° turn, creating a Horshoe shape. The main thing to do at this attraction is to simply enjoy the wonders of nature from the viewpoint above the 1,000-foot canyon.

To get to Horseshoe Bend you drive south of Page, Arizona for no more than 5 minutes before you hit the parking lot on your right-hand side. Horseshoe Bend is a very popular spot, so It would be best to go in the morning or evening to avoid some crowds, just keep in mind that the park closes at dusk.

Once you've found a parking spot you will hike a sandy trail down to the viewpoint. The trail is only about a mile and a half round trip, but has no shade. When the temperatures are reaching upwards of 100 degrees, it is a hot hike, so bring plenty of fluids.

Camping at Lake Powell

a fire on the beach of lake powell
Nighttime at Lake Powell

The best (and cheapest) place to get some shut-eye after a day of exploring is one of the campgrounds on Lake Powell. Most have a decent amount of amenities. We stayed at Wahweap Campground and it even had showers, pretty neat for a campground.

Once you've reserved your campsite head down to the nearby beach and take a swim in the lake, lounge in the sand, or head over to the Marina and rent some paddleboards, or even a boat. If you're feeling really adventurous, you can even rent a house-boat, but that's a story for another time.

Page, Arizona is home to some of the darkest skies in the country due to the lack of light pollution. At night, enjoy laying on the beach or in your campsite and gazing up at the crystal clear milky way above you, it is an amazing sight to see.

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge National Monument
Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Often described as the world's highest natural bridge, Rainbow Bridge spans 234 feet in total, with a circumference of 42 feet at the top. It is an impressive natural structure to say the least.

Rainbow Bridge isn't exactly in Page, Arizona, but it is easily accessible from Lake Powell. You can rent a boat for the day on Lake Powell's website, or you can take a tour from the Wahweap Marina that will take you past 50 miles of shoreline to the trailhead of the Rainbow Bridge National Monument. From there, you will continue on a 1.25-mile round trip 'hike' to see the giant natural bridge.

Page Arizona isn't the first place you think of when you hear the word vacation. When we visited the town on our road trip around the United States, we really didn't have the highest expectations for this spot, but man were we blown away. Some of the coolest landscapes you'll ever see are hiding within the town of Page, Arizona.

I hope you found this post to be helpful and informative! If you've made it out to Page Arizona and have seen any of these amazing attractions I'd love to hear about it.

Happy Travels!


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