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Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow Review: Your Portable Solution for Stress Relief and Better Sleep

Updated: 4 days ago

Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow Review

I'm someone who enjoys active living. Or, in other words, I need to live an active life to keep my thoughts quiet, and my sleep sound, as if I don't stay active during the day, anxiety will rear its ugly head come nighttime.

If you're familiar with this blog, you know I enjoy writing about adventures, photography, lifestyle hacks, and overall wellness. To help my anxious mind, I'm always looking for products that enhance relaxation and combat stress. Recently, I had the opportunity to try out the Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow, and I must say, it's been a surprising game-changer for me and my fiancée when it comes to relieving stress and decreasing anxiety.

Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow Unboxing

I know what you're thinking. You've heard of weighted blankets for stress and anxiety, but what the heck is a weighted pillow?

Well, it's as simple as it sounds. The Quiet Mind Weight Pillow is just that - A compact pillow ranging from six to twelve pounds designed to combat anxiety, stress, and those frustrating ruminating thoughts.

Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow Unboxing

My Experience

After using the nine-pound Quiet Mind Pillow for a month, I really can attest to its effectiveness. As someone who struggles with anxiety and intrusive thoughts, I've found immense comfort in holding the pillow close while reading or watching Netflix. It's become an essential part of my evening wind-down routine, helping to quiet my mind and ground me in the present moment.

I find that, when sitting on the couch, simply leaning the pillow against my body can bring me a nice sense of calm, along with a solid grounded feeling. Pair this with a good book or show, and a nice cup of sleepytime tea, and you've got a solid nighttime wind-down routine.

Destress with Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow

Even my Fiancee, who doesn't deal with much anxiety, has found benefits in using the Quiet Mind Pillow. The day I received the weighted pillow, she was having a stressful day at work. She works remotely, and given our small apartment, she works from our couch a lot of the time. Upon unpacking the pillow, she proceeded to rest the pillow against her legs while working, and she noticed the destressing benefits of the Quiet Mind Pillow. Its soothing embrace has become her go-to remedy for alleviating tension and anxiety during hectic work situations. Which, in all honesty, is a little frustrating since we bicker over who gets to use the pillow. Looks like we may have to order a second one...

Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow Benefits

You might be wondering what separates the Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow from an anxiety-reducing Weighted Blanket. I'd say the biggest difference and benefit is Quiet Mind's overall versatility, convenience, and compact shape.

First and foremost, the Quiet Mind pillow never makes you overheat. Unlike bulky weighted blankets, the pillow can be placed on top of or next to you, allowing you to feel its calming effects without feeling overheated or confined. This flexibility in positioning makes it ideal for various activities, whether you're lounging on the couch, reading in bed, or unwinding after a long day.

Another standout feature is the pillow's compact design, making it easy to move from place to place. Whether I'm transitioning from the couch to the bed or taking it along on a weekend getaway, the Quiet Mind pillow is my portable solution to comfort and relaxation wherever I go. A weighted blanket can be a drag (no pun intended) to lug around, and it can take up a lot of space in the car. The Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow solves this issue.

Lastly, one of the key benefits of the Quiet Mind pillow is its ability to provide Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS), a therapeutic technique backed by science. By gently applying pressure to the body, the pillow can stimulate the release of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, promoting feelings of calmness, reducing anxiety, and lowering cortisol levels. This pressure can also help your nervous system shift from the sympathetic (fight or flight) to the parasympathetic state, inducing a sense of relaxation and tranquility.

Hugging quiet mind weight pillow

Moreover, the benefits of the weighted pillow extend beyond mere relaxation. Studies have shown that weight can improve sleep quality by promoting deeper and more restful slumber. The sensation of being held or hugged by the pillow creates a sense of security that can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Final Thoughts

Okay, there was a lot of science in that previous section, so let's sum it up here. The key benefits of the Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow are as follows:

  • You won't overheat or feel confined with the Quiet Mind Pillow

  • It's easy to move from place to place, thanks to its compact design

  • It provides Deep Pressure Stimulation, which will promote feelings of calm and reduced anxiety and can help reduce cortisol.

  • It can help you shift from the sympathetic (fight or flight) to the parasympathetic state

  • It can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

The benefits of the Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow are not just marketing hype. I can attest to Quiet Mind's claims through my first-hand experience. The pillow has undoubtedly improved my sleep quality by helping me to fall asleep faster. Additionally, as previously mentioned, it's become an integral part of my daily wind-down routine, helping me to destress and reduce my nighttime anxiety.

My fiancée appreciates Quiet Mind's calming effects, and she feels it has enhanced her focus and concentration while working, making it easier to tackle tasks without feeling overwhelmed by distractions.

In conclusion, the Quiet Mind weighted pillow lives up to its name, providing a quiet mind solution in a busy world. Whether you're seeking better sleep, a reduction in overall anxiety, improved focus, or simply a way to destress at the end of the day, this innovative pillow delivers on its promises. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to prioritize their mental well-being and find moments of calm amidst the chaos of daily life.

If you'd like to order a Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow, use the code Sierra15 for 15% off of your order.



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